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BwinParty enjoy poker sign-up surge

The recently-formed BwinParty have reported an increase in online poker player numbers at their sites following the events of Black Friday.

PokerStars, Full Tilt and Absolute Poker were forced to suspend their American poker operations on 15 April following an indictment by US federal authorities and the move has led to a rise in sign-up rates by BwinParty players in non-American locations.

The group – who own both bwin and PartyPoker – reported a 33% increase in average daily new player sign-ups in the last two weeks of April compared with the previous two weeks.

BwinParty joint CEO Jim Ryan said of the news: "Following steps taken by the US government to enforce its laws, we have seen an uplift in new player sign-ups on our poker sites despite the impact of seasonality. While this represents only a short trading period, it is nonetheless encouraging,"

BwinParty became the world's biggest listed online gaming company following the merging of Bwin and PartyGaming earlier this year.
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