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Burka Ban Betting

One of the most controversial issues in the world, particularly in Europe, surrounds the wearing and banning of the Burka, the traditional attire that is designed to hide a woman’s face in the Muslim faith. Many countries are considering implementing the ban as it is not only ‘demeaning to a woman’ and goes against certain countries’ ‘laws of equality’, but it is also branded as a potential security risk.

France has already put the ban into effect, but bets are now on for punters to guess which country will follow them. Holland is expressing interest in the ban, which is why it has odds of 5/4. Also up there is Germany at 2/1, Italy at 5/1 and Spain at 6/1. The UK is currently at 25/1 but the real outsiders are Ireland, who have odds of 100/1.

The market applies to the next country to announce a nationwide ban on Burkas. If no other country bans them by the end of 2015, all bets will become void.

Maria Pierides
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