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PPA bullish over poker domain returns

The Poker Players Alliance (PPA) has welcomed the agreement to allow online operators PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker to reclaim their dotcom domains, while reiterating that the battle to save internet poker has only just begun.

The domains – along with those of UB and its sister site Absolute Poker – were seized by US authorities on 15 April after federal charges were brought against a number of senior figures within the respective companies, but agreements to return the domains have now been reached with the Department of Justice, a move which allows US-based players to go online and withdraw their funds from the sites in question.

PPA executive director John Pappas said of the news: “The poker players have spoken and it seems the US government has heard their cries.” He added, however, that this was only a minor step forward in poker’s ongoing battle with the authorities.

“While the actions allow players on two of the three online poker sites to access their funds, this is just a small victory in the ongoing fight to protect Americans’ rights to play poker online,” he said. “Even with this announcement, millions of Americans are being denied their hobby, avocation and, in many cases, their livelihood because they remain unable to play poker on the Internet.”
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