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Lotto game offers $1 million a year prize.

Winning $1 million dollars is a dream come true for most people but the resultant lifestyle that comes with that can be short lived. Now, for one lucky winner, the Millionaire Life will pay them $1 million once a year for the next twenty-five years affording them the opportunity to continue a wealthy lifestyle. This Canadian lottery, certainly one of its kind, will offer through the month of February the chance to win this massive prize. In combination with this, there are also four notable follow-up prizes of $1 million and thirty-four prizes of $100,000.

John Matheson of Western Canada Lottery Corporation is excited at the prospect of this lottery and the attention it will draw. He went on the say, ‘Millionaire Life is the first national lottery game to offer a Top Prize annuity, and it's a very attractive one. Canadian lottery players have never had the opportunity to win $1 Million a year for 25 consecutive years. For one lucky winner, they'll become a millionaire 25 times over!’

Overall, the features within this lottery game are such that once a number is chosen, it cannot be used by any other player so there will be no duplication and sharing of prizes. Apart from the main prize and the follow-up, there is also be $1.4 million in Early Bird prizes will be available to players who purchase tickets in the game's first two weeks (February 1st to 14th). For those matching the first six, or last two, digits of the Top Prize winning number drawn, subsidiary prizes will be awarded.

The game works with three main selections for the player. The first is one selection for $5, then three selections for $10 or seven Selections for $20.
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