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Canadian woman wins $165K on tropical video slot

It was just announced that a Canadian woman has won a $165,000 progressive jackpot whilst playing a tropical-themed video slot game on the Win A Day online casino.

The player, currently known only as ‘Powerball’ hit the jackpot on the online casino’s Tropical Treat video slot game. Tropical Treat was Win A Day’s designated game of the month which added to the progressive jackpot won by the lucky player.

Michael Hilary, a spokesperson for Win A Day, said: "The progressive jackpot can be won on any of our online slots, but since it's been the Game of the Month for March and has been played more than usual over the last few weeks. I guess it's not surprising that's where this latest jackpot was won."

The player told Win A Day that she already knew how she was going to spend her new fortune, and revealed she would be renovating her home, and treating her daughters to something special.

Maria Pierides
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