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Online Casino introduces Booster.

The online gaming site,, which has received a great deal of publicity recently, has introduced a brand new game to their stock of already rich titles. Now, Booster, a three-wheel, single-payline slot machine game with a special wild “boost” symbol, which when it is going to appear, the game is interrupted and players are given the option of keeping their current bet or boosting it tenfold. This can mean amazing winnings on a single spin, but that’s not all that makes Booster a unique slot machine.

What makes Booster unique is that no bet is lost. Every bet that does not win is added to a special fund. The fund can be cashed anytime for ten percent of its value, or players can choose to try to recover ALL of their bets on a special win/lose spin.’s Mobile Marketing Manager, Martin Smith is excited about Slotland’s growing series. ‘Since we launched our first mobile game at the end of 2005, we’ve been adding a new game every couple of months. We launched a mobile version of our Striking 7s video poker game just last month, but as more and more of our online players try our games on their phone, the demand for new games increases. So we thought we’d better give them another new game right away!’

So far, with a platform of nine unique slot machines and video poker games on their web site and now five also available on mobile phones and PDAs, is sure to grow in popularity.

Stephen Holder.
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