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Bookies pull Baby Beckham gender bets

It had the potential to be one of the most interesting and exciting novelty bets of the year when the Beckhams announced that they were expecting their fourth baby. However, since they have now taken to the press to reveal that they are indeed expecting the girl they were hoping for, bookies have been forced to pull the plug on the gender market. Bookies have therefore opened a host of new markets to try and make it up to their punters, as well as keeping the initial markets they had open concerning the name of the baby.

The Beckham Baby Girl Specials is the collective name for the new series of related baby markets. Such bets include whether the baby girl will have a Number 1 single, which has odds of 16/1 if it is achieved in the UK and 33/1 for the US. More outside odds include whether the baby will win a Best Actress Oscar, and whether she will play for England’s Women’s Senior Football Team, both with odds of 100/1.

Some of the more popular girl baby names are Angel (4/1) and Sandra (10/1), with the less popular ones being Melanie, Chelsea and Galaxy, which are all at 200/1.

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