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Sunday Million 5th Anniversary Reaches Final Table Chop

After outlasting a breath-taking field of 59,128, the final nine players in the Sunday Million 5th Anniversary tournament have agreed to a proportional chop based on the chip counts.

Upon reaching the final table the lucky finalists entered into deep negotiations about how the prize pool would be divvied up – and with the gap between 9th and 1st originally standing at over $1.6 million, a more balanced deal was agreed.

After the numbers were calculated, short-stacked player “Battmeister” locked up $263,888 – a significant improvement on the $41,389 he might have walked away with had he finished in 9th place – with “wrzr123” taking home almost $900,000.

As satisfied as all the players were when the proposed split was finally rubber-stamped by Stars, the deal almost didn’t go ahead when the medium-stacked “Zeurrr” initially asked that he be given an additional $150,000, but after being roundly refused by his more experienced tablemates, the Dutch player finally settled for $518,000.

In the end, it was a highly satisfactory resolution for a tournament that generated a total prize pool of over $11 million and – though the money has now been settled – at the time of writing there are still four players left battling it out for a Lamborghini Gallardo, reportedly worth an additional $200,000.
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