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IOC chief says sport should profit from betting

International Olympic Committee (IOC) president Jacques Rogge says that sporting organisations should be entitled to a portion of sports gambling revenues.

Speaking to the media in the run-up to a meeting in Switzerland on illegal betting, the IOC chief also said he feels that sports gambling should be more tightly licensed and overseen by national governments in their respective countries.

“We are in favour of a system where betting operators have to be licensed by the government,” said Rogge. “Sports organisers, national federations and international federations would have a fair return for all their efforts for organising the sport. They should be recognised with a return from financial income.”

Rogge is set to attend the Lausanne meeting alongside other interested parties including Interpol, UN representatives, sports betting operators and government ministers from France, Switzerland, Australia and the UK. France already has a system in place that sees sports betting operators licensed, with a cut of their revenues given to sport.
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