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Swede Success for Tureniec at EPT Copenhagen

Swedish player Michael Tureniec defeated compatriot Per Linde heads-up at an EPT Copenhagen final table dominated by Scandinavian talent to pick up the trophy and a first place cheque worth almost €500,000.

The tournament, known for its incredibly talented and competitive starting field, attracted 448 runners to the Danish capital and after several days play it was Linde who held the chip lead that dreams are made of.

Starting the final miles ahead of any of his fellow challengers, it was surprisingly not Linde but rather the short-stacked Englishman John Eames who set about taking scalps as a crazy 15 hands put him in serious contention.

Doubling up in the first hand of play with pocket kings versus Nikolas Liakos queen-jack, Eames was dealt the cowboys again two hands later and duly eliminated Juha Helppi, the Finn flipping queens in what he later described as a “set-up”.

Incredibly, Eames found kings a third time when he called the shove of Italian pro Andrea Dalle Molle to rise further up the chip counts before Tureniec closed some ground himself by eliminating Danish player Mudassar Khan with pocket fives.

It was then Tureniec’s turn to be dealt kings and he fittingly slow-played them against Eames to take a huge pot from the Englishman, the Swede adding further chips to his stack after eliminating Liakos a few hands later to move up to second place overall.

Around this time it occurred to Lady Luck that Eames hadn’t been dealt pocket kings in awhile, so she duly delivered another pair of cowboys as he doubled-up courtesy of Linde’s aggressive four-bet with ace-two suited to knock the Swede off the top spot.

The tables sole American Kevin Iacofano then departed in fourth before a classic coinflip finally spelled the end of Eames final table adventure when his queens were out-run by Tureniec’s ace-king – a king naturally being the card to come on the turn.

That left fellow Swedes Tureniec and Linde to battle it out in a length heads-up clash, but after four hours of play the trophy was decided in the former’s favour when his ace-jack spiked an ace to overtake Linde’s pocket sevens and win EPT Copenhagen.
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