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British Poker Pro Faces Colorado Murder Trial

British professional poker player Marcus Bebb-Jones is currently awaiting a murder trial in Colorado after being extradited from his native England on charges relating to the death of his wife in 1997.

Bebb-Jones, whose poker career received a huge boost after he won the Grosvenor Grand Prix tournament in 2001, was the former owner of the Melrose Hotel in Grand Junction along with his wife Sabrina.

However, in 1997 Sabrina went missing and it was not until seven years later than a rancher found her skull on Douglas Pass in Garfield County, but by that time Marcus Bebb-Jones had returned to England to play poker.

In 2009 Bebb-Jones was arrested by Scotland Yard agents following a 12-month investigation jointly conducted by local Colorado law enforcement agencies and British authorities, leaving him facing the possibility of extradition.

The possibility became a reality in April of last year when a judge approved Bebb-Jones’ extradition to Colorado and, despite his lawyers’ concerns that their client could face the death penalty, his appeal of the extradition was thrown out in January.

Bebb-Jones has since been moved to Colorado, were he faces a murder trial in front of a US judge that may finally close the book on the 14-year murder investigation.
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