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Online Poker Site to hold a series of tournaments.

Online poker site, Everest Poker, is holding a series of unique satellite tournaments exclusively for the Scandinavian market, THE COUNTRIES OF Norway, Sweden, and Denmark leading to the first Nordic summit tournament to be held in Spain.

Everest Poker Property Manager, Jonathan May said, ‘This event takes a historic rivalry between three countries that are often cited as having the best poker players in the world, and creates a unique tournament structure to determine who is the "best of the best" from these countries - both as a team and individually. ‘This Nordic Summit is sure to bring out some great players in a first-of-its-kind poker event.’

January 2nd saw Everest Poker hosting the series with five on $22+2 finale tournaments for players living in the three Nordic countries. Each Tuesday of January will see a different leg of the tournament. The idea is that these tournaments plus seat available through special promotions will see ten Swedes, ten Danes, and ten Norwegians at a final tournament to be held in Barcelona, Spain on 24 February - 25 February, 2007.

The top fifty places in each of the finale tournaments will be given points and the top eight point earners from each country will win a seat in the final event. ‘We're very excited about the opportunity this gives our Scandinavian players,’ May added. ‘This is just the sort of event that sets us apart from other poker rooms. Not only are we paying for travel expenses for the winners - we're treating them to drinks and tickets to an FC Barcelona football match.’

Stephen Holder.
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