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Xperia play – pretty good for gamers, great for gamblers

Existence of a new device from Sony Ericsson was confirmed last week, when it revealed the new ‘Xperia Play’. Dubbed the PlayStation phone, the company has started sharing more information about the new device this week.

Serious gamers should expect to be a little underwhelmed. The processor, which you might expect would be more powerful than average for a gaming device, is not any more powerful than the ones you might find in smartphones available at present. It does however have a dedicated graphics chip.

The device has been confirmed to come with a whole set of PlayStation1 games preloaded, but industry experts have said that it is now up to the phone’s developers to ensure the phone offers something different from ever popular iPhones or other Android phones.

The online gambling community however, could be much more satisfied with the offering from Sony. Online casino games don’t require large amounts of memory and speed to run effectively, and therefore poker players stand to be impressed by the device. The processing power will be enough to have games running smoothly and efficiently, and experts predict the device will be embraced by the online gambling community.

According to network operator Orange, the phone is expected to be in UK stores in April.

Richard Berry
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