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World Series of Poker to be held at Palm Beach Kennel Club, Florida

The World Series of Poker will be going to Florida for the first time ever today, the circuit events taking place at the Palm Beach Kennel Club for two weeks.

The move follows a 2010 change in Florida state law that allows higher stakes games in the Sunshine state. The World Series of poker will hold only one circuit event this year and it will be under the blazing sun in Florida.

The state previously had a $100 cap on poker buy-ins, meaning that larger, better known tournaments were off the menu for Florida. It is expected to bring a boost to the state economy; Seth Palansky, communications director at the World Series of Poker said he expects 30 – 40 percent of the players will be jetting in from outside the country. One of the partner hotels for the event reported that its 162 rooms are full over this weekend, partly due to the poker event.

The Palm Beach Kennel Club recently expanded its poker room to 64 tables, partly to accommodate the World Series of Poker event. A new final table area has also been built, with the drafting of new staff to help make sure the event runs smoothly.

500 – 800 players each day are expected for the tournament, with buy-ins for the ten ring events starting at $300, going up to $1,600. Non-ring events start at $65.

Palansky is expecting big things in the wake of these events, saying that Florida is one of the top five states in which World Series of Poker players come from, making Florida a healthy poker market. “This is a test for us, coming to Florida and coming to a non-casino,” said Palansky.

Richard Berry
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