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Ten players win $470,792 for losing Poker hands

After weeks of continuous growth, the Microgaming Poker Network ‘Bad Beat’ Jackpot has been hit twice in two days, and is being shared between ten lucky online players.

The Bad Beat Jackpot promotion was invented so that players who lose with a Four of a Kind hand of eights or higher will win a piece of the progressive jackpot. The first hit happened on Saturday 12 February, when a regular player at NordicBet Poker had four of a kind tens, but lost out to a Royal Flush. The player, along with three others, took away $195,404.

The lucky ‘loser’ said, “I knew that my Four of a Kind Tens weren’t enough to beat my opponent’s Royal Flush, although when I looked moments later I saw notification of my win and realised that I had hit the Bad Beat Jackpot, and start screaming! I still can’t believe I won and now I think it’s time to relax before taking my place back at the poker table.”

The very next day, $79,985 was shared between six players who found themselves in a similar situation. This win is the largest the Bad Beat Jackpot has paid out to date on the Microgaming Poker Network, as well as the first time it has been won in two consecutive days.

Maria Pierides
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