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Jersey Politicians vote in favour of online gambling

The States of Jersey have finally got their wish to allow internet firms to be licensed on the Island with a vote showing a strong majority in favour. The development means that people could soon be able to gamble online with companies based in Jersey.

Despite the strong show of support from member states, business has been delayed for up to one month after the economic affairs scrutiny chairman said his panel need more time to assess the regulation.

Jersey first saw the potential for economic boost from the online gambling industry back in 2006, however the strong regulatory framework was not in place to support and regulate the lucrative industry.

The economic boost to Jersey could be considerable, having reportedly been worth around £50million to the Guernsey economy in 2009. Senator Alan Maclean said it was an important opportunity for the island.

The proposal was passed with a strong showing of support for it, with 38 members voting in favour, four against and one abstaining.

Senator Mclean slammed the decision to delay saying it would paint Jersey in a negative light.

Richard Berry
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