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Pinnacle Sports withdraws from the U.S.

Online sports book, Pinnacle Sports, has announced that they will no longer be accepting wagers from the US. No official announcement was made until after players tried to sign into their accounts only to find a message informing them that they could no longer place bets.

Pinnacle Sports is one of the oldest and online sports books. Pinnacle was started in 1998 and now that they have pulled from the US a Pinnacle Sports representative has said that they will continue to grown in Europe.

The announcement came as a big surprise due to the timing. Most other US focus gambling sites had already made the decision long ago to stay in America or to pull out when the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement law came into place. Internet gambling professional are confused to why Pinnacle have decided to pull out at such a late stage.

In an interview a Pinnacle Sports representative said “When the U.S. focuses on something and says ‘enough’, and when they go to ‘war’ on something no individual company can possible win in fight.”

The company has said that they will payout all US customer winnings and balances left in their accounts and they thanked the players for using Pinnacle Sports over the past 10 years.
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