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PokerStars to stop Double or Nothing Sit ‘n Go tourneys

It has been reported that PokerStars will stop the double or nothing tournaments in February. A popular format, it sees half the players win back twice the amount of buy-in, and the other half finish with nothing.

They earned some bad press last year due to gangs of gamers collaborating in high stakes games, and now PokerStars have decided to take the format down to make modifications to it.

A possible replacement to the double or nothing tournament has been the so called ‘Fifty50’. It has a similar format to the double or nothing tournament but with one crucial difference. As before, players should aim to finish in the top half of the game’s participants, but when the tournament ends, those players who finished in the top half are given a share of the prize pool based on the amount of chips they finished with.

This makes the amount of chips you finish with significant, unlike a double or nothing tournament, and sounds like a much better idea.

Richard Berry
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