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Scratch card success halts Corrie Kevin’s divorce

Spoiler alert.

Coronation Street is set for a scratch card storyline after a divorce-bound character wins big.

The News of the World report that Kevin Webster will win £250,000 while in the process of separating from Sally Webster. He initially plans to inform her of his success in the hope that it might win her back, but after seeing her kiss new boyfriend Jeff he decides to keep the news to himself.

Sally is apparently at the solicitors finalising the divorce when Tyrone Dobbs rushes in and says: “Sally, stop! Don't sign anything. Kev's won loads of cash on the lottery and not told you about it."

Sally is said to tear up the contract and reply: "You can forget about this old rubbish. I want a new settlement that gives me half of everything, including what you've won. How could you do this to me Kevin? How could you try and cheat me like that? I want all what's due to me – in cash. And don't even think for one minute that I'm not going to get it."
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