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Victor ‘Isildur1’ Blom faces new challengers

Viktor Blom has become one of the poker industry’s most talked about players, due to his secret identity as Isildur1. Although he recently revealed himself as the man behind the mystery on PokerStars, he is still grabbing headlines, as everyone is interested to see who he will face next.

His next opponent is reported to be Eugene Katachlov, who is currently one of the biggest poker players online. The game will be particularly interesting to watch due to Katachlov’s $6 million bankroll, which he plans to take full advantage of when playing. It promises to be a tense but unmissable match between two of the poker industry’s finest players; it takes place on 13 February at 3pm Eastern Time on the SuperStar Showdown event at PokerStars.

Daniel Negreanu is also preparing the challenge Blom, and is said to be training very hard for the game, as well as trying to increase his bankroll. Challenging Blom is something of a brave task, as very few of his opponents have come out victorious.

Maria Pierides
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