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Dusk Till Dawn To Attempt Audacious UK Record

Legendary Nottingham cardroom Dusk Till Dawn will be making an audacious attempt to smash the record for the biggest tournament ever to be held in the UK by hosting a 1,600 capacity event.

Dusk Till Dawn previously broke the record when their Grand Prix raised the bar to 900 runners, but this time the same event is looking to absolutely smash that figure with a whopping five day ones.

The tournament will be played out from May 16-22 and will carry with it an £80,000 guaranteed prize pool which, given the comparatively meagre £50 buy-in, will ensure one of the best returns on investment in a live tournament anywhere in the world.

With the five separate day ones providing ample opportunity for competitors to get to Nottingham and play, the chances are that this record attempt will be more easily achievable than the last and could stand for some time before being broken again.

As with the majority of Dusk Till Dawn’s tournaments, the latest instalment of the Grand Prix will be no crapshoot, with deep stacks and a gentle blind structure ensuring you’ll get plenty of play across an action-packed week of poker.
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