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Online Casino has presidential nominee odds.

Despite the next US presidential election being almost two years away, the world's largest online sportsbook and casino, has already got odds on the potential Democratic and Republican party nominees. For the Democrats, will Barack Obama challenge Hillary Clinton for the presidential nomination, or will John Edwards give them a run for their money? On the Republican side, will John McCain be pushed aside by the more liberal Rudy Giuliani, or will Newt Gingrich make a winning Hail Mary pass? gives Hilary Clinton 4-5 odds to win her party's nomination. Across the United States, polls show more Republicans think she will win that prize than Democrats. Still, other polls in key early primary states say she is the front-runner among voters who get to elect delegates to the nominating convention.

Barack Obama's possible entry into the race is causing concern to other candidates, as almost 20 per cent of Americans think he will be nominated. Odds he will win his Party's prize are 3-1. All the Obama excitement is taking some steam out of John Edwards' campaign. The former vice presidential candidate on the 2004 Kerry Democratic ticket is mounting an aggressive campaign but odds makers give him a 7-2 chance he will be on the ballot in 2008. Those are the same odds for Al Gore who has kept his presidential ambitions alive through humour and his critically acclaimed and much viewed film, ‘An Inconvenient Truth’.

John McCain and Rudy Giuliani are tied with 6-5 odds to win the Republican Party nomination. Giuliani is favored by 34 per cent of his own party members, compared to McCain who pulls in 26 per cent of the support of Republicans.

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