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Bellagio Chip Thief Apprehended in Las Vegas

Late last night Las Vegas police successfully apprehended Anthony Michael Carleo, the 29-year-old who pulled off an Oceans 11 style heist by stealing $1.5 million in chips from the Bellagio last December.

Carleo, who is the son of Las Vegas Municipal Court judge George Assad, was arrested yesterday after he attempted to sell high-denomination chips to undercover officers who had been investigating him.

The audacious robbery took place in December of last year when Carleo parked a still-running motorbike outside the Bellagio’s north entrance at 4.00am and proceeded to enter the casino and draw his pistol.

Carleo then forced croupiers and patrons at a nearby craps table to hand over around $1.5 million in casino chips of values ranging between $100-$25,000 before escaping back to his motorbike and making a getaway.

In order to snare Carleo, the Bellagio discontinued its $25,000 chips in early January and gave patrons a limited time to redeem them and it is thought that this is the move that pushed Carleo into attempting to sell the chips.

A similar robbery also took place only a week ago at the Suncoast Casino and Carleo has not yet been ruled out as a suspect from that heist as well.
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