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Bingo back in Vegas casino

A Las Vegas casino has reintroduced the game of bingo earlier this week, after dropping it several years ago. The Binion Gambling Hall and Hotel has now brought bingo back to the premises after witnessing how much interest online bingo generated, and noticing that several of its neighbouring casinos had reintroduced the game.

The Binion has now launched a new room in the middle of the casino floor; six bingo sessions will be offered every day, with a total of 13 individual games in each session.

Lea Robinson, a spokesperson for the casino, said that the decision to reintroduce bingo is part of a wider strategy by casino owners TLC Casino Enterprise to increase revenue. Las Vegas has fallen victim to the economic crisis, forcing many gambling hotspots to close, so it’s no surprise that all the casinos are doing everything in their power to ensure they stay on top.

Another reason Robinson gave for the game making a comeback was that research showed that bingo players also tended to pass their time in the casino by playing on the slot machines, which will inevitably help revenue to increase.

Maria Pierides
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