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Vegas Casinos On The Lookout For Chinese Baccarat Ring

With Chinese New Year imminently approaching, Las Vegas casinos are preparing for one of the biggest weekends on the gambling calendar – though they will have to be on guard against a tech-savvy Baccarat ring currently working the Strip.

The suspected cheaters are thought to have scammed Vegas casinos out of more than $1 million last month, prompting the state Gaming Board Control agents to detain a group of Baccarat players at the Cosmopolitan while an investigation was launched.

The players were accused of using an elaborate scam involving miniature cameras hidden up their sleeves to record the suit and value of cards, but CCTV footage of their time at the tables could not prove this conclusively and they have been released.

Although a spokesperson for the Cosmopolitan declined to comment on the players’ release, it is widely thought that they are part of an Asian cheat ring known as the “cutters” who have previously ripped off casinos in Macau prior to moving to the US.

Their scam involves transferring pictures of the cards to a computer, where the sequence is transferred onto a cheat sheet. A second group of players then enters the casino and bets accordingly when the pre-recorded sequence of cards emerges.

Police in Macau previously warned casinos in the area of a similar scam last year and described the cheaters as “extremely well-organized” in an industry memo.
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