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Charlie Sheen Puts Online Punters in Betting Limbo

With so many markets being offered on the lives of celebrities these days, it’s hardly surprising that if you put odds on anything vaguely newsworthy, someone out there will be willing to bet on it.

Most of the time celebrity betting hinges on who will become the next Hollywood couple or how many babies Actress X will have in the next five years, but there was an entirely different market available on Charlie Sheen.

Bettors were able to put their hard-earned on the cult actor heads-up against Lindsay Lohan on who would be the first to be arrested or admitted to a rehab clinic, and scores of punters clearly fancied Sheen’s track-record in both fields.

However, they were left in limbo yesterday when it was revealed that Sheen had been reported to hospital, with some stories suggesting that he was admitted to the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center after another drug bender, though he definitely did not overdose.

Sheen apparently has abdominal pain and will be spending the night in hospital, but far from public sympathy, Sheen backers will be waiting with baited breath to see if the star checks himself into rehab once he’s recovered or whether they’ll have to wait.
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