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Worst Pictures to be Named and Shamed at Razzies

While the world may be clamouring to find out who made the short list for Academy Award nominations tomorrow, those with a better sense of humour will no doubt have been far more interested in the announcement of this year’s Razzie contenders.

This year’s Golden Raspberry Awards will name and shame the worst films, actors and directors in the industry and judging by this year’s appallingly bad short-list, there’s going to be a hell of a lot of competition for Hollywood’s least coveted prize.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, there are two films that are pretty much going head-to-head across several awards categories and they are feature-length Loose Women episode Sex and the City 2 and over-produced emo-teen vampire flick Twilight: Eclipse.

Indeed, the two films feature in nine of the ten awards categories – with the only exception being “Worst Eye-Gouging Mis-Use of 3D”, a field that they are both ineligible to contend – with the entire cast of both movies up for “Worst Ensemble”

In the bookies eyes, there’s nothing to separate the two in the “Worst Picture” award with both movies priced at 6/4 ahead of The Last Airbender (5/2), Bounty Hunter (7/1) and Vampires Suck, which rounds out the field at a practically respectable 8/1.

However, it is the worst actress field were Sex and the City 2 really gains its edge as the entire regular cast from the TV series are up for the award as 4/5 favourites, with Twilight’s Kristen Stewart lagging way behind on her own at 5/1.

However, the Twilight series hits back in emphatic fashion in the “Worst Screen Couple/Ensemble” award, where the entire cast have been named as the 7/4 favourites ahead of the Sex and the City crew at 4/1 and the awful coupling of Josh Brolin’s face with Megan Fox’s accent in the movie Jonah Hex at 7/2.

Clearly, whatever the outcome, this will be one awards ceremony where the interested parties will be hoping that they don’t quite make the cut.
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