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Top Versus Bottom as Philly Take On New Jersey

You’re unlikely to see a bigger disparity between two teams in the National Hockey League this season than you are this Saturday when a luckless New Jersey take on the in-form Philadelphia Flyers at the Wells Fargo Stadium.

The two teams currently sit at opposite ends of the table with the Flyers top with 67 points and a positive goal difference of 40 while the Devils sit rock bottom on 31 points and a negative difference of 48 – the worst in the entire league.

Furthermore, the Flyers are on a four-game winning streak at the moment and smashed six past the Ottawa Senators in their last game on home ice, so they’ll be overwhelming favourites against a Devils side who have only won six on the road.

One small shred of comfort for Devils fans is that the team are at least showing signs of a mini resurgence having put together back-to-back wins in their last two games, first beating the NY Islanders away and then shutting out the Penguins on home ice.

The latter of these two results will be particularly encouraging for New Jersey followers as it harks back to the miserly defensive performances that used to be the side’s trademark, but it is unlikely they’ll be able to do the same against the Flyers.

The home side have the best offense in the entire division and – as previously mentioned – the Devils leak goals at the back, so the chances are that come Sunday morning, the gap between the two sides will have been extended even further.
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