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American Idol 2011 betting begins

American Idol 2011 kicked off last night, and the betting has already started. There have been copious numbers of bets surrounding the identity of the new judges, so now that they have been revealed as Jennifer Lopez and rock legend Steven Tyler, other betting markets have opened, in true reality television style.

However, as the more conventional independent contestant odds will not be revealed until the final 24 are announced, there are slightly more unique odds for the keen gambler wanting to have a bit of fun in the early stages of the competition.

Some of these bets from include whether Aerosmith front-man Steven Tyler’s lips will take centre stage, with odds of 2/1 – or whether they will be upstaged by J-Lo’s posterior, which has odds of 3/2; it is still unclear how these factors will be measured, but it shows that gamblers still have markets to bet on in a light-hearted way prior to the more serious competition stages.

Other bets also include whether former judge Simon Cowell will make an appearance, with odds of 10/13 that he will show his face before the series comes to an end.

Maria Pierides
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