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Your gifts from the online casinos.

As the holiday period is nearly over, the software companies for the online casinos are working hard to design the best and most thrilling games for the best gambling package from the their online casinos. The all time favorite game of online casino players is the slots and the software providers have come up with exceptional versions were technology really makes gambling happen in the biggest way possible. When it comes to modern slots and poker machines, graphics and sound make just part of the fun.

One of the leading online casino groups have recently added two news online casino games to their line up as a Christmas gift to their loyal players. It was just in time for the holiday season, and it is what we need to keep up in the warm over the cold winter period. And it is good for the gambling fans that would like a bit more than usual for their Christmas bonus.

For online casino video poker and video slots games fans, these new online casino games are sure to attract them to this online gambling site’s virtual doors. And the addition of a basketball-themed video slot and a Five Card Mulligan game will definitely be the most played of the online casino offerings this holiday season. There is a new 5-Reel, 20 Pay-line slot machine games based on the basketball, and contains free spins, bonus games, and the opportunity to play up to 20 pay-lines at a time for a better chance of winning.

During the bonus round, online casino players can win a cash prize which is accumulated over all three bonus round stages. Should online casino players get two bonus symbols on a selected pay-line, they can then enter into the bonus round, where winning is a guarantee. The second offering is the popular online casino poker variation of Five Card Mulligan, which has three different possible payouts: Bonus, Ante, and Raise bet payouts. Using a 52-card deck with Jokers removed, the game is played against the dealer. Winning hands are determined by their value against the dealer’s, with any tie seeing the ante/raise bet returned to the online casino player.
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