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PureProp brings (very) high-stakes poker to London

Could 2011 be the year for nosebleed-stakes poker play in the English capital? It certainly looks that way, if one company’s exciting idea takes off.

The London poker scene is buzzing with news of a new venture, PureProp (, which seeks to offer a select group of individuals the chance to play tournament and cash-game poker against like-minded individuals. One upcoming event has a buy-in of £50,000+£4,000 and features a first prize of a Bugatti Veyron – one of the finest cars in the world, with a seven-year waiting list and a value of £1.3 million.

Wealthy poker enthusiasts will pit their wits against each other in the glamorous surrounds of The Ritz Club Casino on Sunday 20 February. But potential players need not worry that they’ll get hustled for all their money by a professional poker player.

PureProp co-founder George Evans told Gambling of his vision for future PureProp events: “We’re set to implement a ladder system, much like a tennis club, whereby the more you win, the more you move up the ladder, and the greater your chances of facing one of the pros.”

When a member joins the club they will be allocated a number of points based on their self-certified level of play and then join the ladder in their given position. So, with such safeguards in place to prevent wealthy amateurs from having to face professional poker players before they are ready, PureProp have come up with an intriguing concept for high-stakes poker in London. That said, if you fancy your chances of going straight in at the top level, there’s nothing to stop you.

Gambling will be keeping tabs on the 20 February event. The fact that one lucky player will be driving away in a Bugatti Veyron is bound to generate a few headlines in the poker world and beyond.

“Our members love the art of competition in its purest sense,” said Evans. “When they compete it's always a serious match on a level playing field, among equals. There are no freerolls, satellites or other distortions from a ‘pure prop’.

“They also share a desire for exclusivity and they choose to enjoy their sport in the world’s most prestigious locations,” he said.

Membership to PureProp will initially be limited to 200 members globally and is strictly by invitation only. A membership debenture scheme – available to both playing and non-playing members – will enable members to share in the long-term success of PureProp, with those who join early getting the opportunity to be the biggest beneficiaries in the club.
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