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Full Tilt Poker Doubles Guarantees for tournaments

This promotion will affect every tournament so you won`t be at a loss and can choose the one or multiple that work best for you.

$30 million will be on the table in guaranteed prize pools over the entire time of the limited promotion, which means there is no time like the present to test your skills and bag some extra cash.

Some changes will take place such as the tournaments for week being made in to multi-entry, which will allow for you to have more competition if needed although shootout and cash out tournaments won`t be allowed for multi-entry.

Full Tilt will stay the same in all other areas with the only changes being the multi-entry tournaments and the guaranteed prize pools.

The best time to play is from noon until 6 p.m Eastern time which is when $13 million is guaranteed but it`s best to note that this is available only at this specific time.

The end of the week promises a lot of play as on Sunday there is $2.7 million guaranteed in three tournaments and the $750K turns in to a hefty $1.5 million guaranteed.

If you are a bit short of cash then you can try your hand at smaller tournaments which still have reasonable prize pools such as The Daily Dolar which guarantees $20K for every day of the week.

Sadly this deal will only be available for a week, starting on 24th January and will end on 30th January so if you want to take full advantage of it then you should hurry over to their site right now.

Kate Kayuda
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