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Addiction fears may bring down foreign internet gambling operators

Hundreds of foreign operators could be forced out of Britain as the government takes on the ever increasing challenge of gambling addiction.

One of the measures being raised is the use of credit cards on gaming sites and there is a suggestion that they should be banned to stop people from using money that they just don`t have.

Jeremy Hunt, the Culture Secretary plans to stop overseas companies from advertising in the UK in order to tackle the ever growing problem.

If these actions were taken then large parts of Labour’s 2005 Gambling Act, which is currently considered by the critics as a deregulation of the industry, would have to be torn down.

These changes could protect the public since some overseas companies take advantage of British Gambling Laws and charge more than they need to.

It is estimated that around one million children are addicted to online gambling which is thought to be the fault of the current law.

Children get exposed to these sites through advertising on the TV and websites and if the source was stopped in time the problem would decline as well.

UK consumers spent about £2.5 billion on internet or telephone gambling and operators licensed by the Gambling Commission showed less than a quarter of this which means that UK customers aren`t as protected as they might think they are.

Kate Kayuda
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