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Asian Poker Classic set in Goa.

The Asian Poker Classic (APC), which will take place from March 1st to 5th, is set to be the biggest event held in Goa over the next year. The APC is the first professional poker tournament to be held in India. Online casino,, will sponsor the event and offer one of Asia's richest ever poker prize pool – a guaranteed $1 million. The three-day APC main event marks poker's arrival to the big time in India.

Goa is going to convert itself into a gambling mecca over the next 12 months, which underlines that the APC is being held in exactly the right place at the right time. Plans are afoot to build a series of luxury casinos in Goa starting in 2007, so that the venue will eventually rival Macao as Asia's number one gambling destination.

A further high profile development for the APC, is hiring Thomas Kremser as tournament director. The Austrian poker expert has run numerous festivals around the world and played a central role in establishing poker on television across the globe.

‘The Asian Poker Classic is not just the biggest poker event scheduled for India in 2007 – it's one of the biggest events anywhere in the world,’ said Kremser. ‘With big names ready to take part and Goa the perfect setting, it's the most exciting new poker tournament of the year.’

Sachin Pawa, CEO of tournament sponsors Maharajah Club said, ‘We are proud to be associated with such a prestigious event. The APC will promote poker in India and we look forward to the APC becoming a fixture on the poker circuit.’

Stephen Holder.
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