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Chris Oliver is the man in charge of the 2011 PCA final table

As Day 5 of PokerStars Caribbean Adventure 2011 came to an end the one thing that was on everyone’s lips is the fact that Chris Oliver gathered more than 40% of the chips in play.

Oliver, 21, who didn`t have a lot of live success previously, charmed his way to the top from 3 million chips to the overwhelming 19.6 million chips which he is set to bring with him to the final table on Saturday.

2003 WSOP winner Chris Moneymaker was eliminated 11th, along with chip leader for Day 4 and the last woman in the tournament, Ana Marquez, who finished 10th.

Oliver kept his patience all day, as he took his time to build his enormous stack with the help of bluffs, well-timed hands and suck outs.

Galen Hall with a stack of 6,430,000 is right behind Oliver in second place but admittedly the stack difference is so big that it might seem that there is no completion left for him.

The 2011 PCA main event gathered 1,560 players at the Atlantis Hotel& Casino on Paradise Island in the Bahamas this week, which made a $15, 132,000 prize pool with $2.3 million left for the winner.

Every player in the final eight will get $202,000 and the top four spots will pay at least $1 million so if you are eager to find out who the winner is then you can tune in to the tournament when it starts again at 5 pm on Saturday.

Kate Kayuda
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