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Xbox Live will launch Full House Poker this year

The game that is due out this spring will bring TV-style poker events to your living room with the classic rules of Texas Hold Em’ and up to 30 opponents which can be live or computer based.

It`s up to you if you want to sit down and watch professionals interact then you can but the use of avatars will make the experience more lively and enjoyable.

As you progress through the game you have the chance to meet with professionals and if you overcome them then you get to keep their shirt.

Another feature which isn`t surprising is that there will be items and levels that need to be unlocked along with rewards which sadly all stay in the game.

Since the game uses only pretend chips and not real money it would be suitable for starting players looking to sharpen their skills or just players looking to relax without the worry of losing cash over their heads.

The one thing that you can definitely look forward to is the planned large events with many tournaments that Microsoft is currently planning to host.

The game is supposed to come out during House Party but far as pricing and the release date goes it remains unknown.

Kate Kayuda
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