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Full Tilt Poker brings in Multi-Entry Tournaments

Full Tilt poker has launched Multi-Entry Tournaments (MTT) which is a new type of tournament that allows for the player to play more than one seat in a MTT tournament.

The MTT lets players enter the same tournament many times which can be done at the same time or before the entries are completely cut off.

A different table will be chosen every time to make sure that the reader doesn`t play against themselves and every MTT will have a limit on how many times the player is allowed to enter.

A potential problem may occur when a player has more entries than tables available to them which may result in them being seating opposite themselves but this issue is most likely to take place during more advanced stages of the tournament.

If a player has two or three successful entries then they might have to sit at a single table for two entries if this happens then the player’s entries will be combined.

This isn`t the first that Full Tilt surprised the online poker community in a good way as they also introduced Rush Poker last year, which allowed for players to be moved to a new table when they folded a hand.

If you are a fan of Rush Poker then you would be pleased to know that MTT tournaments will be available for Rush Poker tournaments so you can enjoy them both.

Kate Kayuda
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