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Kenny Dalglish fails to impress as Liverpool lose again

Blackpool 2 - Liverpool 1 isn't a score line that new manager Kenny expected to see but it inevitably happened as the new managers skills got tested for the second time.

It must be said that the task ahead for the new manager is difficult as he needs to be on top of the game to bag a win next time around in order to prove his critics wrong.

Liverpool might seem more optimistic for the return of their long lost manager but patience is needed to see if he will deliver the goods.

Of course no one expected a complete cure from the Roy Hodgson era so fast and so the inevitable happened as the Reds lost again and Blackpool secured a league double for the first time since 1947.

The game did start well with Torres making an early strike, just four minutes in to the game, but the hope was short as the Reds luck finished from that point onwards.

Blackpool deserved the win since the Reds faded away in the second half when they were faced with a buoyant home side but it seems that the Reds contributed to their own downfall.

Just 5 days on the job Kenny must be wondering what his next move should be but one question that should be definitely raised is about the Liverpool backline who were nowhere to be seen.

Kate Kayuda
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