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NHS to introduce bingo in hospital wards

The NHS is to consider introducing bingo and other fun, traditional games in hospital wards to help patients along the road to recovery.

The British Medical Association believes the games will not only be a cost-effective solution to speed up recovery times, but they may be able to help patients avoid depression, which can often be caused by long periods of confinement.

BMA head of science and ethics Dr Vivienne Nathanson said: "What people sometimes forget is that while helping people to feel better during their hospital stay we can reduce their need for painkillers, their likelihood of getting some depression and perhaps not eating enough. All of these things will limit their recovery and if we can speed people's recovery, they have shorter time in hospital, shorter time for the problems of being in hospital and of course save money."

The Patients Association is said to be very keen on the idea as they believe it will have a positive impact.

Maria Pierides
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