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Verizon iPhone launch to bring joy to online gamblers

Gamblers on the Verizon network will be delighted to learn that the new iPhone 4 will be launched on their network, allowing them to go to their favourite online gambling websites.

AT&T users have had the opportunity to access their online gambling websites for years through their iPhone’s so it's about time that the stakes got even.

Verizon customers welcomed the new arrival with cheers but the phone will not have all the features that mobile users have come to expect.

It may sound great but a potential problem is that when there is an incoming call and you are playing lets say online poker the internet connection plummets the minute that the call comes in. This could be frustrating for online poker players since they could be playing at the time and not be able to go back in to the game after the internet connection is restored.

On a positive note customers on other networks will be pleased to know that they can keep their original number which would take around 4 days but would definitely save a lot of unnecessary hustle.

So if you are ready to take the plunge and buy in then you can do so on 10th February at Verizon retailers.

Kate Kayuda
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