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Google set to launch Android 3.0 with 3D effects

It may be hard to believe since designers have only recently made apps for Android v2.2 but a new one is set to be launched by Google and it has so much more in store this time around.

A demo was shown last week at CES in Las Vegas. It revealed that the new version will make use of 3D technology to make hologram-like effects as well as having all the advantages of the latest Google Software.

This device can be seen as an advantage for online casino developers as they can create more realistic play than ever before.

As the online gambling market keeps on growing the designers have to keep up in order to keep their clients before they switch to a better online casino.

So far attempts have been made to create 3D games for online casinos which will open up a lot of new prospects for the gaming industry.

The Android market has expanded rapidly over the past year, with Android phones outselling the iPhone in the states.

Kate Kayuda
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