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Playtech offers £200 million for 888 weeks after Ladbrokes

Will they or won`t they? That's the question on so many lips as the gaming giant 888 gets yet another offer to sell, this time from the £1 billion online casino software maker Playtech.

This is not the first time that 888 were offered to sell; just last month Ladbrokes offered an even higher sum of £240 million but the attempt was unsuccessful.

So will 888 finally give up and sell? By the looks of it that`s unlikely to happen since the company has been offered so many times with higher and lower sums but never agreed.

It's obvious why Playtech, Ladbrokes and many others are so interested in 888 and that's mainly because it's the world's largest online casino operator.

Since the economic crisis 888 has gone down in value from a billion to around £169 million but it's still very unlikely that the company would sell since it has a very strong client base, especially in the UK online gambling market.

Naturally it's expected that the offers will keep flying in with maybe even larger offers but rest assured it doesn`t look like 888 will be selling any time soon.

Kate Kayuda
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