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Huck Seed gets the $600K prize in Poker After Dark

Poker After Dark came back to screens last week with the first few episodes showing a very different side to the show, witch decided to start 2011 with the stakes raised higher.

The usual $20,000 buy-in-freeze-out was out with a new twist coming in at £100,000 per player which was intended for player take all.

The line up didn`t fail to impress with names such as Phil Ivey, owner of eight World Series Poker bracelets, the online superstar Huckleberry Seed and many others.

Seed, who is known for taking crazy prop bets, took yet another bet before focusing on the all important $600K prize by eating a bell pepper from a bowl, which was placed in the Poker After Dark lounge area.

Ivey and Seed had to face each other at the end to determine the winner and it seemed that it would be an amazing head off game but surprisingly it only lasted three hands.

In the first two wins Seed won but the pots weren`t very prosperous so he moved all in on the final third go which made him the winner.

The oddest moment of the series was that the winner wasn`t announced until the last episode had aired so there was a long wait to announce the $600K richer player.

Funnily enough when Seed did get his $600K officially he celebrate by biting in to yet another bell pepper this time just for the hell of it.

Kate Kayuda
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