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Social Interaction is very important to Online Bingo players

There a lot of techniques that online bingo halls use to attract customers but the main one right now is social interaction which shows that to some people it might not be all just about the numbers.

The average player spends around 26 days a year playing bingo so if there is a good social network in the online bingo community then the player is more likely to stay on the website in the first place.

Richard Preen, a betting journalist, describes that talking to players and having a certain level of communication helps to attract players to bingo.

Preen suggests that obviously the first thing that attracts new players is the starting offer but the social element that comes when they talk to fellow players is just as important in getting the player to stay.

Online bingo sites that don`t have a lot of social networking tools might find themselves at a loss of customers since this element is becoming very important in this area.

Kate Kayuda
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