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$8 million in Poker funds is taken in Washington State

Online poker bankroll suffered yet again as $8 million was seized by the police which isn`t a surprise since the recent enforcement of 2006 UIGEA against online poker transactions.

When WalletXpress was forced to shut down their US operations last month the online poker world felt a shudder but as we can see the worst isn`t over yet.

The rules made by the UIGEA state that it`s unlawful for banks to process transactions which deal with online gambling.

Online poker is included in this legislation since the confusion between the officials whether poker is a game of chance or it is in fact a skills game.

Many Washington poker players will be amazed to find that their bankrolls have vanished but it`s not a secret that this is all the work of the UIGEA.

Players that belong to these banks are likely to have their cash ceased since the officials are targeting them: JP Morgan, Wells Fargo, SunTrust, Chase and Bank of America.

$5.1 million of poker funds have been taken from Bank of America which makes it the hardest hit bank so far.

Another thing that the officials are looking in to is banks that have accepted payments from payment processors such as: Secure Money, Arrow Checks, Anaya Trading Solutions, Etegrity Processing, and Blue Lake Logistics.

If the site that you use to play online poker uses any of these processors then you should seriously look at this as a warning and if your funds haven`t been seized consider making a large withdrawal since the officials are moving quickly on this case.

Players living outside of Washington shouldn`t panic just yet since the officials can currently work only in this area but just in case here is a list of online poker sites that they are looking in to: UB, Absolute Poker, Poker Stars, And Full Tilt.

Kate Kayuda
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