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Online Home Games are the new addition to PokerStars

PokerStars are trying to bring the feeling of home games online by letting players set up their own clubs which only the people they invite can join.

This deal will let PokerStars players create “Poker Clubs”, which will be private to the founders and a special invitation code will be given to keep away any unwelcome visitors.

The administrator of the club is then in charge of setting up games, tournaments, custom tables and lobbies for their players to get the best possible experience.

Members of the club will be able to play small scale events and keep internal standings which should give them a different experience from a typical home game.

There will be a few restrictions on the clubs to stop them from spiralling out of control such as each club can have a maximum of 50 players.

Other rules include individual face restrictions, no player can create more than one club and every player can only join three clubs in total.

On the bright side some of the restrictions that face PokerStars players will be lifted just for the home games.

Players from the same IP address can play against each other in cash game tables and they can join the same clubs.

Another thing to look forward to is that there will be no chat moderation since the games will be mainly small and they won`t be monitored.

The cash games could have stakes as high as $1 or $2 but the restrictions on tournament buy-ins have not been revealed so far.

PokerStars home games are currently only available on the play money version of the site but that is expected to be changed by the end of the week.

Kate Kayuda
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