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Bet on seven-billionth baby

With five babies being born every second, it’s no wonder that the world’s population is expanding at the rate it is, which doesn’t make it surprising that – according to the United Nations Population Reference Bureau – the global population is expected to reach the staggering seven billion mark at some point this year.

Bookmakers have therefore decided to seize this opportunity and celebrate this milestone in the best way they know how, by opening markets surrounding the details of the seven-billionth inhabitant. Punters wanting to get in on the action have the opportunity to wager on several outcomes, including the gender, continent and country of birth, and even the date the baby is welcomed into the world.

The seven-billionth person on the planet is expected to arrive in the latter part of the year, with the odds currently standing at 4/1 for August, with September at 3/1, October 7/2, November 4/1 and December 9/2. The hot favourite continent is currently Asia, with odds of 5/4, while Europe and Australia are at 10/1 each.

Maria Pierides
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