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Adam Geyer is ahead of the game in 2011 PCA Main Event

After two days of playing in the 2011 Poker Stars Carribean Adventure Adam Geyer leads the way with an impressive stack of 909,000 and he is the only player so far to cross the 800,000 chip plateau.

His closest competition is Ilan Rouah, who carried out 795,000 last night so Geyer is still ahead as day two of the event came to an end.

Harrison Gimbel, who won the event last year, found himself eliminated as he began with a small stack which didn`t last him long and soon enough he didn`t have enough moves left.

The unluckiest player was Marco Johnson as he got eliminated on the bubble at the hands of William Reynolds.

An amazing total of 1,560 players entered the Main Event but this was soon changed to leave only 645 but this number decreased even further today.

Six levels were played on day two with a total of 173 players surviving in the hopes of winning the main prize of $2.3 million as well as the title of 2011 PokerStars Carribean Adventure Main Event Champion.

Day Three will start at 12pm EST and there are many well known poker players still remaining in play such as Chris Moneymaker, who was the 2003 WSOP Main Event Champion, Eric Buchman, who respectably finished fourth in the 2010 WSOP Main Event and so many others.

Kate Kayuda
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