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Ladbrokes Poker improves their MTT

Online poker players at Ladbrokes can now play for more than €3.8 million in guaranteed prizes every month.

There are 30 tournaments to choose from every day so this new schedule definitely suits those players who want to aim for more cash wins.

MTTs provide a larger choice of opponents for online poker players than they would face in the usual Sit and Go.

If you are fairly new to the game and don`t want to waste a lot of cash the best choice for you would be the smallest MTTs which will help you gain the experience you need to go further without losing too much cash.

The obvious attraction of the MTTs is that they allow a bigger a pay out than most of the other games so by putting in a few dollars or pounds you could be investing in so much more.

The largest MTTs are suitable for players looking to score life changing sums but they do cost more to buy- into directly.

You can view the new improved MTT on the Ladbrokes poker website but here are some of the main highlights featured there:

€200,000 GTD- This MTT is new and it`s available every month. The first one will take place on Sunday 6th February so you have some time left to think it over.

€500,000 GTD- Another new event which will take place every quarter and it will start on Sunday 1st May so here you have even more time to make sure that you get a seat.

There is no doubt that these new MTTs will provide for an interesting variety and help some players to win bigger cash rewards than Sit and Go`s.

Kate Kayuda
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