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Palmieri`s first NHL goal is not what you would expect

Nick Palmieri`s first National Hockey League goal wasn`t how he imagined or planned it to be.

“I think it was just one of those plays where it`s there, you might as well put it in. I`m just fortunate to be where I was at that time, and it`s pretty easy to score when there is no goalie in,” said Palmieri after the match.

“I feel I`m playing pretty well. I learnt a lot from last year. I feel I understand the game up here a little better than last year. It helps knowing what to expect,” he added.

The player hoped for a third period game- winner into the upper left corner. What took place is an insurance goal into an empty net 14 seconds to go in the Devils` 6-3 Sunday victory against the Tampa Bay Lightning, New Jersey`s first win in 5 games.

There was help on hand as the goal was assisted by all-time great goalie Martin Brodeur, which is the 36th time he assisted in his long career.

Despite this unusual start Palmieri didn`t seem too fussed about it. In fact he didn`t even know where the puck that he scored with ended up.

After the game he spoke almost apologetically about the goal saying that it wasn`t how he imagined it to be and that he hoped that it`s not a curse. As for the lost puck he had no idea where it was, but we're fairly sure one of his teammates might be able to help him out.

Kate Kayuda
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